Mapping Applications

Advanced Internet Mapping System - for Desktops and Mobile Devices

  • Use this application on your desktop computer and on your mobile device
  • Query, display, and print maps and descriptive information
  • Find locations of interest including addresses, real estate, roads, post offices, recycling centers, polling sites, schools, parks, and more
  • Create and download mailing labels for selected sets of real estate parcels
  • Export data to use in your GIS, CAD, or spreadsheet software
  • Create presentation quality real estate reports which include map thumbnails, ownership, values, history, deed and plat references, and other administrative information
  • View temporal changes using multiple years of photography and adjusting transparancy
  • User's guide for Advanced Internet Mapping System - Online
  • User's guide for Advanced Internet Mapping System - Downloadable PDF

Greenville County imap - Find Essential Services

  • Interactive map with tools to query and display essential services available throughout Greenville County such as food, housing, healthcare, childcare and recreational opportunities
  • imap

Lexis Nexis - Community Crime Map

  • Interactive map with tools to query, display, and analyze criminal activity for a given area of interest