Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the mapping application?

For the Advanced Internet Mapping System, a user's guide is available on the Documentation page in the menu above or from the "More" tab in the application. ( Advanced Internet Mapping System User's Guide)

Experiment - the more you use the application, the more familiar it will become.

When is the data in the mapping application updated?

Updates to Real Estate Tax Parcels, Street Centerlines, Tax Districts, Zoning, Municipal Boundaries Ownership, Legal References, and other descriptive data are updated daily. The Imagery (Orthophotography) was acquired between February and March of each available year.

What if I find something wrong with the data in the mapping application?

Problems with any data or information should be brought to the attention of the appropriate department as described on the Contacts page. In general, zoning questions should be directed to the Zoning Administration, real estate valuation and taxation questions should be directed to Greenville County Real Property Services, and geographic data and website questions should be directed to the Greenville County GIS Division.

Is the Zoning Information in the mapping application the official Zoning Map?

Zoning information included in the mapping application is for reference purposes only. The Zoning and Code Compliance Division should be contacted to verify the zoning for a particular property.

What Coordinate System is the data in?

  • Coordinate System: South Carolina State Plane
  • Map Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
  • Horizontal Datum: NAD83 (2001)
  • Vertical Datum: NAVD 1988
  • Horizontal Units: International Feet (1 Foot = 0.3048 Meters)
  • Vertical Units: US Survey Feet (1 Foot = 0.3048006 Meters)

Can the data within the mapping application be purchased?

Yes, GIS base data and aerial photography can be purchased. See the Data Access / Data Distribution link.

How do I create a direct link to the mapping application?

Click on "Favorites" in the Web Browser's tool bar and choose "Add to Favorites...".

The Parcel I am interested in lies within the GSP Airport Environs Area. What does this mean?

The GSP Airport Environs Area is an area around the airport that has special land use restrictions. To find out more information about the GSP Airport Environs Area, click here.

Are documents such as the current Millage Table available?

Yes, documents such as the current Millage Table, Land Use Classifications, Zoning Classifications, and the GSP Airport Environs Compatibility Table are available in the Documentation section of the website.